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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Western Union Now Available for Publisher In Indonesia

Today I am happy because when I open my email I got message from Adsense Team that Western Union Pay Cash Now available for Indonesian publisher. I am so say thank to Google Adsense Team who heard to many publisher especially Indonesia Publisher. Before the payment method coming, I always using local bank to cash my money and it took long time till month . The western Union method is very simple because it just bring your MTCN which you can follow from you link payment which detail to your explanation payment and also bring your civil ID or even Driving License, so you can withdrawl your cash money just one minute only, no need to queue, so did you all happy also?

If old day we use local bank they will take charge from the service is $30 now, no fee, it,s free and quick, yeah, nice facilitate for anybody like me, because my monthly earning is small only $150-200, so if cut down by delivery check $24 and Fee charge $30
so it will coming $54 loss, oh bad.

Thank you Google Adsense team who release the Western Union payment method, so make me so enthusiasms write and spirit on the Blogspot.
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